Undergraduate Studies

Department of Business Administration

Site: https://www.dept.aueb.gr/en/ode

The Curriculum of the Department aims to provide specialized knowledge of the various operations of the company, such as Management, Marketing, Financial, Accounting and Management Information Systems. The courses of the Department of Business Administration are divided into compulsory and elective and are divided into eight (8) semesters of study. From the 5th semester the student chooses the direction of studies he desires. The Curriculum includes the following four specializations:

  • Business Administration (with special emphasis on Strategy and Human Resource Management)
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Marketing and
  • Information Systems Management

To obtain a degree, the student is required to complete 40 courses in total. From the portfolio of 40 courses, 30 courses are compulsory and 10 are elective for the students The courses include the "Internship", which gives students the opportunity to gain, during their studies, practical experience in the subject of their studies.

Department of Marketing and Communication

Site: https://www.dept.aueb.gr/en/mbc

The department equips graduates with high quality scientific training and multifaceted skills. Students acquire advanced knowledge in the areas of marketing and business communication along with a solid basis on business administration and economics.

Requirements and regulations

In order to obtain their undergraduate degree, students must successfully complete forty courses, plus five courses in one of the foreign languages that are taught at the University. The possible methods of completing courses are through: successful examination, exemption, recognition of equivalence or Erasmus.

Program of studies

The academic program consists of forty courses, thirty of which are mandatory courses and ten of which are elective courses reflecting the specialization of studies that a student chooses to follow. In addition students must complete five courses in one of the three foreign languages that are taught at the University: English, French and German. All courses have equal weight and  each course is taught for four hours a week for one academic semester (13 weeks). Some courses include one or two additional hours per week for laboratory exercises designed to help students better understand the course material.

At the beginning of their fourth year of studies, students choose one of the following specializations:

  • International Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Digital Marketing

Department of Accounting and Finance

Site: https://www.dept.aueb.gr/en/loxri

The study program of the Department offers specialized knowledge in the fields of Accounting & Finance. In particular, the program provides thorough training of students in matters related to the financial operation as well as the organization and operation of the accounting and auditing services of companies. In addition, the students of the Department acquire specialized knowledge related to the operation of the various credit institutions as well as money and capital markets.

The courses of the study program of the Department are divided into foundation courses (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th semester) and direction-concentration courses (5th, 6th, 7th and 8th semester). The foundation courses of the program include subjects such as: Marketing, Management, Mathematics - Statistics, Computer Science, Business Law, etc. These courses provide the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical applications for a more complete understanding of the business environment.

The direction courses offer cutting-edge scientific knowledge in the disciplines of Accounting and Finance, perfectly connect theory with practice and give the student the opportunity to deepen in the respective fields.

To obtain a degree in the Department of Accounting & Finance, a successful examination in forty (40) courses is required.

From the 5th semester, the study program proposes two directions: Accounting and Finance. In both Accounting and Finance there are ten (10) compulsory courses and the seven (7) electives.

Department of Manaegement Science and Technology

Site: https://www.dept.aueb.gr/en/dmst

The Department of Management Science and Technology offers a 4-year undergraduate degree that provides its graduates with the scientific knowledge and business-oriented practice required by contemporary job markets. Obtaining this degree requires the successful completion of thirty-nine (39) academic courses plus a compulsory 3-month internship at designated organizations. The categories of courses which are offered by the department are:

Compulsory Courses

The Department's undergraduate degree includes twenty-eight (28) compulsory courses, which introduce students to the key concepts and fundamentals of Management Science and Information Technology. Hence the first five (5) semesters comprise solely of compulsory courses (25 in total), with an additional three (3) compulsory courses appearing during the sixth (6th), the seventh (7th) and the eighth (8th) semester, respectively.

Streams and Fee Election Courses

Elective courses define the degree's main structure from the 6th semester onwards; at the beginning of that semester, students select the stream(s) in which they specialize and thus obtain in-depth knowledge and experience. Currently, the Department offers the streams of:

  • Operations Research and Business Analytics
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Software and Data Analysis Technologies
  • Information Systems and Electronic Business
  • Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Human Resources