Postgraduate Studies

The Postgraduate Studies are organized in two levels and result in the award of the following Diplomas:

  1. Postgraduate Specialization Diploma: Depending on the Program that the student follows, this Diploma can be characterized as Master of Arts, Master of Sciences or Master in Business Administration. This diploma is awarded after mandatory attendance of the courses of the relevant Program, successful examination in all semester courses and elaboration of a Diploma Thesis.
  2. Doctoral Diploma: The basic conditions for the award of this Diploma are the possession of a Postgraduate Specialization Diploma (Master) and attendance of a series of lectures and doctoral level seminars organized by the respective Departments. The usual time is 3-4 years.

The Master Level Postgraduate Programs per Department are:

The Doctoral Programs provide specialization in the main cognitive, but also related fields of the Departments of the School. More specifically: