The Doctoral Program

Approximately 55 students are currently registered in Doctoral program, pursuing research in the areas of Information Systems, Innovation and Knowledge Management, Logistics & Transport, e-Business, m-Business, Financial Engineering, Software Engineering etc. The following is an indicative list of doctoral research that is currently in progress:

  • Innovation Management
    Organizational innovation within the context of the new economy. Innovation in HRM practices of private companies in Greece.

  • Knowledge Management & e-Learning 
    Interactive case studies through Internet as KM mechanics. Knowledge building in knowledge sharing networks. The organizational implementation of KM solution. Usability evaluation of e-Learning courses.

  • Change Management - HRM
    Effective implementation of the balance scorecard in Greece. Managing change in the Greek public organizations. Leaders developing leaders.

  • Logistics & Transportation
    Large scale logistical problems: the case of hazardous materials. Performance measurement of freight inter-modal terminals. Airport demand management: strategies & implementation. Analysis and design of supply chain networks. Supply chain performance assessment. Development and implementation of mathematical models and algorithms for vehicle routing and scheduling.

  • E-Business and Electronic Retailing 
    Performance measurement systems in collaborative commerce. Managing business-to-business applications. New Business Models and Practices in Grocery Retailing. Consumer decisions within fast moving consumer goods outlets. Mathematical models in retail banking in the new economy.

  • M-Business 
    Competition and strategy in mobile business. A framework for assessing alternative m-business models. Mobile business for supply chain management. Increasing productivity of the Mobile Workforce

  • Financial Engineering 
    Derivative Security Pricing and Risk Management. Securitization and Structured Products. Volatility and Correlation Models. Real Estate and Energy Finance. Energy Markets Finance and Derivatives. Real estate management and financial engineering.

  • Economics of Digital Business 
    Pricing interconnection services in a moral hazard environment. Economic models in collaborative environments.

  • Interactive Media Design 
    The Digital Set-top Box as a Virtual Channel Provider. Personalized advertisements in interactive TV environment. Contextual awareness in information rich environments.

  • Organizational Transformation and Information Systems 
    Information flows in the evolution of inter-organizational networks. Web-based collaboration platforms in distributed work settings. Tacit Knowledge Transfer through E-learning. Social Capital and Intellectual Capital in Communities of Practices.

  • Software Engineering and IT Security 
    Security of Ubiquitous Computing Devices. Security Issues in Peer to Peer Networks. Networked Information Infrastructures. Epidemiological IT Attack and Response Models. IT Security Aspect-oriented Approaches.

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