Professional Prospects

Today and much more in the future, businesses and organizations are facing new challenges which cannot be dealt with by executives of traditional specialization. They require executives who are not only specialized in Business Administration sectors (Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Sales, Human Resources, etc.), but who will also be able to combine Management Science with modern technological applications (IT, Telecommunications, Quantitative Methods) in order to perceive, plan and implement integrated operational processes, procedures and systems, as well as business activities.

Due to their integrated technological and administrative background, our graduates have a competitive edge as executives and consultants in:

  • All the traditional specializations of Management Science in the new environment of e-business, innovation, rapid organizational change and business uncertainty such as:
    • Production Management
    • Accounting and Finance
    • Marketing
    • Management of Human Resources, etc.
  • Cutting-edge specialisations such as:
    • Operations and Supply Chain Management
    • Logistics and Transportation
    • Analysis and Design of Information Systems
    • Management of Information and Telecommunication Resources / Systems
    • Quantitative Methods in Management (Operations Research)
    • Financial Engineering
    • Project Management
    • Analysis & Modeling of Business Process and Systems
    • Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing
    • Internet and New Digital Distribution and Sales Channels
    • Software Engineering
    • Enterprise and Systems Architecture
    • Database Management Systems
    • Knowledge and Learning Management
    • Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
    • Organizational Behaviour and Leadership
    • Business Strategy

Many of our graduates have already been working in well-known Greek and multinational companies, such as: Piraeus Bank, Kraft, CGU Insurance, EFG Eurobank, Bank of Cyprus, TITAN, Johnson & Johnson, Germanos, Athens International Airport, Schneider Electric, Siemens, TOYOTA, Citibank, Info-Quest, HSBC, Piraeus Direct Services, Plaisio, KPMG, Accenture, HOL, Intersys, Nestle, Mailis SA, National Bank, CleverBank etc.