First place in the MindsDB Hackathon

The first place in the MindsDB Hackathon was won by the student of the Department of Management Science and Technology, Marios Aidini, with the compulsory project he prepared in the context of the course "Software technology in practice", taught by Professor Diomidis Spinellis.

MindsDB is an open source software platform that enables the creation of AI applications without requiring special knowledge in AI software development. Now, MindsDB has turned into a startup valued at over $160M.

The theme of the Hackathon was the contribution to MindsDB software. Mr. Aidini's contribution was about interfacing machine learning algorithms with users' emails: Leveraging MindsDB's platform, a user can now, among other things, automatically reply to an email in the desired style, sort their emails into categories recognized by a machine learning algorithm, or to detect whether an email contains unwanted content (spam).

Mr. Aidini won the 1st prize, and received the $5000 prize, along with Indian developer and entrepreneur Rajeev R. Sharma, with whom he collaborated. As he noted, “The winning prize was $5,000, but the amount of money was not the most important thing. It was a great satisfaction to have the opportunity to participate in a competition with over 50 entries from all over the world, thanks to my project in the software technology course under the guidance of Mr. Diomidis Spinelis."