Department Advisory Committee

In the context of the continuous effort to provide a high level of educational and research work, the Department proceeded to the creation of a Advisory Committee by prominent personalities and market executives. The mission of the Advisory Committee is to work in a consultative-supportive manner in the Department, on issues such as the strategy of the program, its relations with the labor market in Greece and abroad.

The members of the Advisory Committee are as follows:

Velliotou Peggy Strategic Partner, KPMG ADVISORY
Gezerlis Panayotis CEO, CONVERT GROUP
Doxiadis Aristos Strategic Partner, BIG PI
Eliakis Stelios Director-General, SLEED
Labrou Marica Director, KAFKAS SA
Mavros Thanos Key Partner, ΕΥ
Moraitakis Nikos CEO, WORKABLE
Nicolaides Byron CEO, PEOPLECERT
Papandreou Eleni CEO, INTERSYS
Papantonopoulos Sotiris CEO, INSURANCEMARKET
Passalis Georgios Director, ACCENTURE
Panayotopoulou Litsa General Secretary, Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce & Co-Chair and CEO, EVIA IP ltd
Christodoulou Nikos Key Partner, DELOITTE