Internship and Thesis

The Internship is an obligation of students during the program of studies in which students are employed in real business environment utilizing and integrating the knowledge they have acquired. Alternatively is an opportunity for students to create a new business activity using the technologies and the conditions of the modern business environment.

More specifically, the internship provides the following two options:

  • Employment of students in particular and specified by the faculty of the Department objects, either in a company designated by the Department either one of their choice.

  • Developing new business activity. Identifying opportunities, formulating business idea and business model conception / evaluation. Market research and competition, customer identification, marketing strategy, financial evaluation. Finding and mobilizing resources and development agreements. In this case there should be a company / organization be interested in the topic.

The main objectives of internship is:

  • To familiarize students with modern, truly, art and challenging problems facing the Greek firms. In an era characterized by constant changes in business environment and business practices and procedures, addressing real business problems through the application of academic knowledge, especially that directed in objects that peak is an undeniable necessity.

  • The creation of relationships among students and the Department with modern, dynamic companies for cooperation in vocational rehabilitation, education and research.

In all cases, Internship is accompanied by a targeted Bachelor Thesis, which is linked to the content of the internship itself and at the same time extends to wider academic and research topics.