Doctoral program

Doctoral program

Since 1985, the Department of Informatics of the Athens University of Economics and Business offers the possibility of conducting doctoral studies in fields that fall within the research interests and / or the disciplines of the Department.

The PhD studies aim to produce high-quality original scientific research and to develop scientists capable of contributing to the advancement of science, education and corresponding applications. The graduates of the doctoral programs are intended to serve the research, business and academic potential of Greece and abroad.

At the same time, the PhD program is a source of academic prestige and international recognition for both the Department and the University as a whole, and contributes to the research output, with emphasis on the publication of the scientific research that is being carried out within its framework.

Purpose and of the Program

The aim of the Program is the preparation of doctoral students who will have the ability to independently conduct research and autonomously promote science in the cognitive fields covered by the Department. This purpose is fulfilled by:

• Attending advanced courses and seminars that will provide depth and breadth to the scientific background of Doctoral Candidates (DCs).
• Ph.D. dissertation. The doctoral dissertation should be an original contribution to science, typically accompanied by publications in international scientific journals or conferences with peer review system.

The full regulation of the Doctoral program of the department (in Greek) may be found <here>