The Head of the Department and the  Vice Chairman are elected biannually. For years 2017-2019 Head of the Informatics Department is Professor Malevris Nikolaos and Vice Chairman is Assoc. Professor Androutsopoulos Ion. The superior governing body of each Department is the General Assembly which is composed by all members of the Department's Academic Professors, along with representatives of all members from the Academic community and  the University’s students.

Head of the Department 

Professor Malevris Nikolaos

Tel.: +30 210 8203 126

Secretary of the Department

Mr. Christos Sakellariou

Tel.: +30 210 8203 314

The Department's Sectors 

Since 2003, the Informatics Department is divided in three (3) Sectors. Each Sector assembles the personnel of the Department that occupies with a group of relevant cognitive fields in Informatics.

Each Sector has an Administrator that is elected annually, and is managed by the General Assembly of the Sector. There, participate representatives of all members of the Sector, as well as, representatives of students of this Department.

·        Sector of Computer Systems and Communication

·        Sector of Information Systems and Database Systems

·        Sector of Applied Mathematics, Information System Economics and Operations Research