Department Of Informatics

Informatics is the science of information processing via the use of computers. The Department of Informatics, established in 1989, is one of the most dynamic departments within Greece and offers a four-year program of study covering the full spectrum of Informatics, according to the standards set by international scientific associations of Informatics. For this reason, the Department trains scientists capable of contributing substantially and having leadership roles (as shown also by the track record of our graduates) in the development of Information and Communication Technologies and their applications in various sectors of economic and social activity. 

Information technologies are already applied extensively to economic and commercial activities, to the successful operation of banks, industries, transportation, mobile communications, medicine, education, to the creation and distribution of video games and other services via the Web and to various other technology areas. Immediately after completing their studies, our graduates are offered several opportunities for a successful career, including, among others, in the Greek and international IT industry, in the IT departments of corporations, in consulting firms, in the management and finance sectors, in education, etc. Finally, our graduates often pursue postgraduate or doctoral studies in Greece or abroad, followed by a research or academic career.

On one hand, the Department of Informatics emphasizes on empowering its students with the fundamental principles, methods and technical skills that are necessary to follow the rapid technological and scientific developments of the field. On the other hand, it strives to familiarize students with the cutting edge of the various applied fields of Informatics. In addition, through the coursework, the intensive practice through assignments and lab courses and the close collaboration with the industry, students develop practical skills and the ability to address complex problems on a real scale, preparing them for the competitive industrial and business world of informatics.