Information and Database Systems Sector



Kalamboukis Theodore, Professor  (Sector’s Administrator)


Yannakoudakis Emmanouil, Professor

Giakoumakis Emmanouil, Professor

Gritzalis Dimitrios, Professor

Constantopoulos Panοs, Professor
Malevris Nikolaos, Professor

Vazirgiannis Michalis, Professor
Androutsopoulos Ioannis, Associate Professor

Vassalos Vassilios, Associate Professor

Kotidis Ioannis, Assistant Professor

Marias Ioannis, Lecturer

Kyriakopoulou Antonia

Georgakopoulou Sophia


Research Activity


Information Systems Analysis and Design, Information Systems Applications Development, Information Systems Security, Automated Systems open and flexible.


Software Engineering, Software Testing and Reliability.


Database Systems, Database Systems Languages, Database Systems Conceptual, Logical and Physical Design, Normalization, Registration Codes, Multilingual Models and Interfaces.


Non-traditional Databases (multimedia, spatial-temporal), Semi Structured Information Management in Internet & Multimedia, Mounting Standards, Management of Fuzzy.


Data Mining from Database Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Information Retrieval Systems, Data & Knowledge Management in Internet & Global Computing.


Technology of Distance Learning, Developing applications in Multimedia & Virtual Reality in specific areas of education & training, Development of learning materials and computer applications for specific user groups, Multimedia Synchronization, Interactivity and Scenarios of Virtual Reality.



  • Information and Database Systems
  • Information Processing

Research Groups  

  • Computer and Information Security