Agoritsa - Vasiliki Theodoropoulou

Graduate, AUEB, Graduate of Teacher Education Programme

"The Teacher Education Program of AUEB was the best choice I could make. It is a properly structured program through which I had the opportunity to get trained on the Pedagogical Science and Pedagogical Thinking. At the same time, I learned in depth the essential role of the educator inside and outside the classroom, always focusing on the student. In addition, the program changed me radically as a person. I received many stimuli through the experiential activities and the teaching approach followed by the teachers of the program. What I am constantly pointing out is that the program has greatly contributed to strengthening my self-confidence and my self-esteem through the activities and the projects which I have always sought to play an active role in. My leadership skills and my communication skills have been developed through my participation in different teams. At the same time, the program played a decisive role in my subsequent professional career, as I realized that what I want to do will be focused on people and on offering to the community. I am very grateful that I have lived this unique experience. "