"Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who give birth to them; for the first only gave them life, while the latter the art of living well"


Dr. Vasiliki Brinia

Dr. Vasiliki Brinia is the Head of the Teacher Education Program (TEP) of the Athens University of Economics and Business, Scientific Director of the TEP and a lecturer at the Department of Informatics, School of Information Sciences and Technology of the Athens University of Economics and Business.

She holds two Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration, a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA), a Diploma in Pedagogical Studies, a Diploma in Counseling, a Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) in Education and Teaching Sciences and has carried out PostDoc Research in the teaching methodology of adult education through experiential teaching methods.

She has been an expert-advisor at the Ministry of Education in the organizational and administrative restructuring of the Greek educational system. She has long-term administrative and teaching experience in secondary education and adult education. She has been teaching at the Athens University of Economics and Business (since 2005), as well as in Postgraduate Programs, such as "Studies in Education-Management of Educational Units" and "Adult Education" of the Hellenic Open University (since 2008), in the Postgraduate Program "Institutions and Health Policies "of the University of Peloponnese-Corinth (since 2011), in the Postgraduate Program "Theory, Practice and Assessment of the Educational Process" of the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of the University of Athens (since 2014), in the Postgraduate Program "Education and Culture" of the Harokopio University. She has also taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level at the University of Piraeus (Department of Economics) and at the University of Patras (Department of Primary Education).

In 2010, with the mandate of the Senate and the Rector's Council of the Athens University of Economics and Business, she innovatively designed, organized and implemented, according to the Teacher Education Program of the Harvard School of Education and the Stanford Graduate School of Education, as a teaching and scientific director, the Teacher Education Program of the Athens University of Economics and Business, which is the first of its kind teacher education program certified by the Ministry of Education (2013) in Greece at the level of Higher Educational Institutes.

She has pursued extensive research and writing activities in Greece and abroad. In particular, she has made 145 publications, 70 of which are research papers that have been published in international scientific journals with the blind peer review system. She has participated in several international and local scientific conferences. She is author of five monographs-university textbooks and of two chapters in two edited books.

Finally, she is an active member of the international scientific community, as Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Education and Teaching Methodology, NADIA, Australia as an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Education Economics and Development-(Inderscience, UK) while she is a scientific member of the Editorial Advisory Board in international scientific journals with reviewers such as: Educational Studies (Taylor&Francis), International Journal of Educational Management (Emerald, UK), Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education (Emerald, UK), Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning (Emerald, UK), Quality in Education, (Emerald, UK), International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies (Inderscience, UK), International Journal of Management in Education (Inderscience, UK), International Journal of Higher Education and Sustainability (Inderscience, UK), International Journal of Happiness and Development, (Inderscience, UK), International Journal of Business and Management (Asian Institute of Research), Education Quarterly Reviews (Asian Institute of Research), Sustainability (MDPI).

Athanasios Androutsos

He is a Lecturer in the Teacher Education Program, Athens University of Economics and Business. His research is in the fields of network economics, information systems and education. He is a graduate of Informatics and holds postgraduate specializations in Information Systems Management as well as in Economics from the Departments of Informatics and Economic Sciences of the Athens University of Economics and Business. In 2009, he was awarded a Doctorate Degree in Network Economics by the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Konstantina Koutrouba

Dr. Konstantina Koutrouba is an Associate Professor at the Department of Home Economics and Ecology at the Harokopio University, with specialization in Pedagogy and Didactics. She completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Departments of History-Archaeology and Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of the School of Philosophy of University of Athens. Her research interests as well as her published work focus on studying the factors of effective learning and teaching in classroom and, more specifically, on the exploration and application of innovative educational techniques aiming at the cognitive, social and psycho-emotional development of the teenager. She also studies strategies that enhance teachers’ professional development, in terms of pedagogical and didactic competence.

Lazarakou Elissavet

Elissavet Lazarakou is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Primary Education of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, with the subject of evaluating the learning process. He is a member of the Collaborating Teaching Staff of E.A.P. in adult education while he has served for several years as a school counselor of Primary Education and teacher in schools of public and private Primary Education.

Ioannis Roussakis

Dr. Giannis Roussakis is an Assistant Professor of Pedagogy at the Department of Secondary Education at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He studied at the Pedagogical Academy of Heraklion and at the Physics Department of the University of Crete, did postgraduate studies in Pedagogy (University of Crete), postgraduate training at the Maraslio Teaching School, and holds a PhD in Comparative Pedagogy from the University of Crete. He served as a teacher of Primary Education (1990-2017) and during this period he worked in Primary Schools at Chania, Piraeus and Athens but also as a teacher in the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education of the University of Athens, in the Pedagogical Institute, in the Center for Educational Researchas well as at the Institute of Educational Policy. From 2014 till 2017 he served as First Adviser at the National Institute of Educational Policy, where, among others, he was Scientific Officer, of the "Major Teacher Training Program" and the "Bank of Degree Issues for Secondary Education", and Coordinator of the Teacher Training Unit. He is the author of many articles in Greek and international magazines as well as chapters in collective volumes. He conducts research and writes on issues of comparative pedagogy, educational policy, teacher education and training, quality in education, evaluation of educational work and pedagogical applications in the school environment.

Dimitra Makri

Dr. Dimitra Makri works in secondary education as an Educational Project Coordinator in the field of PE80-Economy, as well as in higher education. She has as long-term teaching and administrative experience in secondary education.She has a degree in Home Economics (Greece), a bachelor's and master's degree in "Educational Sciences" (France) and a degree in French Philology (France). She also holds a Master's Degree in "Intercultural Societies and Changes in Europe - European Studies" (France). She has a doctorate and postdoctoral degree with honors in Psychology (France) as well as a doctorate in French Philology (France). She has collaborated in European and research programs in Greece (University of Athens) and abroad (France, Portugal, Italy), while also writing articles, studies and books.