Argyro Gianioth

Undegraduate of the Department of International and European Economic Studies, AUEB, Graduate of Teacher Education Program

"The Teacher Education Program of Athens University of Economics and Business can be attributed with a variety of cosmetic adjectives, quality, innovative, creative, human-centered, alternative, and mainly studentcentered. The current student, namely the future teacher of secondary education becomes the focus of learning in order not only to give and receive scientific training, but also to develop into an integrated personality, which is the quintessence of the educational role. During the program, the stimuli given to us were countless and varied, each of which through a different path led you to a new discovery, to a new meadow of thought and vision. I feel grateful! I feel grateful at first to the people who worked hard to have this well-structured program, because its offer is important. I feel grateful that I was chosen to implement the given program. I discovered aspects of myself, I bravely faced my weaknesses and fears, I humbly approached the majestic work that a teacher does, because the work of a teacher is so important and great that words are hard to describe. Thank you very much for this beautiful trip!"