Ioanna Chavatzoglou

Graduate, AUEB, Graduate of Teacher Education Program

"Having completed the Teacher Education Program, I am in the position to affirm that my participation in this program, apart from gaining knowledge and enhancing my educational horizons, it was for me the most wonderful gift, not only for my professional but also for my personal life! It is true that reaching the end of my studies in the department of Business Administration at Athens University of Economics and Business, I was looking for more specialized knowledge and for this reason, I considered that my participation in this program was a great opportunity for me. My progress in this course was not without difficulties due to my simultaneous working obligations and the increased demands. For this reason, it was particularly important that my participation improved my organizational skills and my discipline while also providing me with the enjoyment of this journey of learning and education. Of course, I succeeded in this with the full support and interest of my tutors and colleagues. The human-centered orientation of this program bloomed within me the hopeful feeling that with good will and cooperation we can build a better life for our fellow humans and especially for the children. I am grateful to everyone who was responsible for motivating me in this!!! "