Marianna Spanidi

Graduate of the Department of International and European Economic Studies, AUEB - Graduate of Teacher Education Program,Educator

"The Teacher Education Program of AUEB is a unique opportunity to extend horizons and professional choices. The spherical stimuli provided through its visits, excursions and speakers from different fields, offer generously knowledge, education and guidance. In this program I realized that education can be linked with and come through any field by alternating each time the subject you want to transmit. We saw education transforming into a work of art in our workshop on Diversity in School. In addition, we saw it transformed into a vision of cultural emergence as part of the work for Orchomenus. It became a game in our hands at the time that psychologists tried to reveal the teacher within us. It has acquired material and immaterial form and made us more mature and conscious. The program also gave us the opportunity to test our strengths and ideas in practice. With the background we acquired before we teach in schools, we were ready to learn our students experientially. I will never forget the smile I had after every successful teaching. The students with their enthusiasm for the outcome of the lesson increasingly confirmed my decision to be there. This academic year for me was complete and more creative than ever. I explored my limits and became stronger because I learned ... Because knowledge is power! "