Paraskevi Psoni

Graduate in MSc in Services Management and Graduate of the Department of International and European Economic Studies, AUEB. Specialized in Human Resource Management, Deree College Founder of "Smart Education", Educator, Academic Researcher

"Having studied in many international environments, I have inevitably entered the process of comparing the quality of studies I have received from the various institutions and the various programs, in which I have studied. So I can safely say that the Athens University of Economics and Business through the Teacher Education Program offers rare and unique competitive advantages both to its students during their studies and to their graduates after completing their studies. Besides the innovative experiential approach to teacher education, the international collaborations with top international universities, the training in the world's most innovative teaching methods found in this Program, the Program, above all, cultivates values that are indispensable for teachers that incarnate these values in the eyes of their students. Values such as consistency in words and deeds, sincere kindness, openness, acceptance of the "different" and sincerity. Values that are practiced in this Program and are a tangible example to all students and graduates. I could say a lot more about the Program, but I will only limit myself to this: It is a unique life experience and those who have the opportunity to experience it are very lucky!"