Vasileios Tsitmis

Undergraduate Student, Department of Economics, AUEB , Graduate of AUEB Teacher Education Program

"Teacher Education Program of AUEB forms a well-organized program, which educates by using effectively experiential and innovative practices. The vision of the program could be described by the apothegm of Socrates: “Education like a fertile ground, brings all the good”. Considering that, it gives the opportunity to all attendees to express themselves freely and leads to the growth of responsibility, agency, critical thinking and self- knowledge. Simultaneously, emotional world is considered as a serious matter, contributing to the attendees’ emotional maturity and the cultivation of their empathy. My participation in TEP has been accompanied by strong emotions, which had influence on my thinking, giving me the opportunity to examine alternative views of an issue. Apart from all the others, this program not only led to my knowledge development, but also cultivated my emotional world. The experiential actions, in which I participated, gave me the chance to approximate and understand better the biggest unknown, myself. Meanwhile, experiential learning contributed to the cultivation of basic values such as respect, cooperation and honesty. The stimulus, in which I exposed during the program, caused my critical thinking and led to the realization of the huge importance of art, culture and innovation, both in education and in daily life of every person, as they consist aspects of the latter. Totally, my participation in this program has been a unique experience, which led to my development and aid me to be a better human."