Vasilis Papaioannou

Graduate of the Department of Economics and Graduate of the Department of Accounting and Finance, AUEB - Employee at Hilton Athens Hotel, Graduate of Teacher Education Program

"This Program leads you to get to know yourself better and your personal limits. Once you are on board, at some point you will realize that you are out of your comfort zone and you have crossed your personal limits. Then, inevitably, you feel strong. After obtaining two University Degrees, this program is, for me, the sweetest, the most important and the most meaningful experience of my student years. This Program is filled with love and positive emotions. Besides, Education is all about Love. Last April, when, I was asked by the Secretariat of Secondary Education in Larissa if I have an annual Certificate of Pedagogical and Didactic Competence, I was very happy to have presented them with the Certificate of this specific Program and very proud of the effort I had made, when I saw my name ascending on the list of thousands of candidate professors..."