Anastasia Roumelioti, MSc in Economics 2008, Head of Marketing & Communications Hawes & Curtis | Ghost, U.K.

The MSc in Economic Theory enabled me to build strong foundation in theoretical economics and sharpen my analytical skills. More specifically, courses like Microeconomics, Industrial Organization and Corporate Finance not only gave me insights on corporate strategy and business tools, they also set me for success in my MBA pursuit in one of the ... more

Panos Averbach, MSc in Economics 2010, Risk Analyst at Advanzia Bank S.A. Luxembourg

After holding my BSc in Mathematics, I was searching a strong program that I could be able to progress my thinking and expand my sphere of knowledge. The MSc in Economics (specialization economic theory) program combines elements from pure mathematical theories and contexts (mathematical analysis, probability theory, differential calculus, game ... more

Efthymios Argyropoulos, MSc in Economics 2008, Economic Research and Analysis Division Alpha Bank, Greece

Having attended the Postgraduate Program in Economics offered by Athens University of Economics and Business (MSc & PhD), I gained deep knowledge, expertise and a significant advantage in the labor market both in academia and business.

In academia, throughout the program I had the opportunity to work with renowned professors, ... more

Charis Katsiardis, MSc in Economics 2014, PhD Student in Economics at Princeton University, USA

My time in AUEBʼs MSc in Economic Theory program has been crucial for my academic development. The programʼs structure and its courses, which are similar to what other top universities in Europe and North America offer, helped me acquire all the theoretical, mathematical and econometric tools necessary to make a successful transition from ... more

Ioannis Vekris, MSc in Economics 2012, Financial Analyst at IBM International Service Center, Slovakia

My studies at the programme were beneficial in two separate ways. At first, my knowledge and my scientific level was well-developed, as it was a very demanding and high-quality process. At second, through my studies I got equipped with a very useful and reputable certification, which consisted a valuable asset in my job-searching activity.

... more

Antzelos Kyriazis, MSc in Economics 2017, PhD Student in Economics at Yale University, USA

When I finished my undergraduate studies at the AUEB Department of Economics I decided to apply to the MSc program with specialization in Economic Theory. This decision proved to be critical.

In particular, the curriculum offered by the MSc program in Economic Theory is of a high standard and similar to those offered by MSc programs in ... more