Quality policy




The quality assurance policy of the "MSc in Economics" program of the Athens University of Economics and Business is fully harmonized with the quality assurance policy of the University, as well as of the two Departments that jointly run it, and focuses on the continuous improvement of the quality of its study program, its educational, research and administrative work.

The Program's policy is made public and disseminated to the parties involved, so that its academic and administrative staff, as well as its students, assume responsibility for quality assurance in accordance with their assigned roles.

The Program is committed to the implementation of a quality policy that supports the academic character and orientation of its study program, promotes their objectives and academic domains, sets, applies and monitors quality objectives, determines the means, actions, and ways of achieving them, and implements the appropriate internal and external quality procedures with the goal of its continuous improvement.

In particular, the implementation of the Program's quality policy presupposes the application of quality procedures which ensure:

  • the appropriateness of the structure and organization of the program,
  • the development and improvement of the existing study program 
  • the pursuit of learning outcomes and qualifications in accordance with the European and National Framework of Higher Education Qualifications,
  • the promotion of teaching quality and effectiveness,
  • the promotion of the quality and quantity of the research produced by the members of the academic unit,
  • the suitability of the qualifications of the teaching staff,
  • the connection of teaching with research, integrating the needs of the labour market,
  • the drafting, implementation, and monitoring of annual quality objectives for the improvement of its study program,
  • the demand for the acquired qualifications of the graduates in the labour market,
  • the provision of quality and digitally developed services to students,
  • the efficient utilization of the financial resources of the program that come from tuition fees,
  • the execution of the annual internal evaluation of the program, within the framework of the Internal Quality Assurance System with the collaboration of the Department’s Internal Evaluation Unit and the University’s Quality Assurance Unit.

The quality assurance policy of the Department of Economics is posted on the Department of Economics website (https://www.dept.aueb.gr/el/econ/content/πολιτική-ποιότητας), the quality assurance policy of the Department of International & European Economic Studies is posted on the Department of International & European Economic Studies website (https://www.dept.aueb.gr/el/deos/content/πολιτική-ποιότητας)  and the University’s quality assurance policy is posted on the University’s website at https://www.aueb.gr/en/content/modip-en