Studies Advisor

The Studies Advisor is the point of contact for students in matters related to their academic progress, their participation in the academic community and their professional development and has the following responsibilities:

  • Provides consultation and clarifications regarding the programme, the courses offered, their content and requirements.
  • Provides counseling and guidance in choosing a thesis topic.
  • Provides counseling and suggests solutions, where possible, in case of learning and course attendance difficulties.
  • Encourages students to make use of the infrastructure and services offered, such as the Laboratories, the Library, etc.
  • Provides advice and guidance on the possibility of doing internships and mobility through the Erasmus+ Program and other programs.
  • Advises and directs in matters of studies and professional development possibilities after the end of the programme.
  • Encourages students to participate in the academic community and the activities organized within it (e.g. attending conferences and workshops, volunteering, etc.)
  • Provides support in case that problems (e.g. personal, academic, learning difficulties) create obstacles and difficulties in students' studies and performance by giving advice on how to deal with them and/or by referring them to the appropriate services of AUEB (e.g. mental health service, doctor’s office).

Each student is assigned a studies advisor (personal tutor) at the beginning of his/her studies in the programme for the whole duration of his/her studies in the programme.