Studies Advisor

The role of the Studies Advisor is to inform and help students with issues such as:

  • Program’s structure and content of the courses, so that they are informed about the prerequisite courses and knowledge required to attend specific courses.
  • Attendance of tutorials, labs and midterm exams, with the aim of better understanding and successful participation in the exams.
  • the content of elective courses with the aim of choosing the courses that are closest to the student's personal and academic interests
  • Exams results
  • the continuation of their studies, both in Greece and abroad
  • their professional prospects and their connection to the labor market during their studies (internship), but also after their studies.
  • Any other issue or topic raised by the student that may be related to or affect his/her studies.

For the academic year 2022-2023, the Assistant Professor of the Department of Economics Eleftherios Zacharias has been appointed studies advisor.