Fees & Scholarships

The tuition fees are 2.500 Euros and are payable in 3 installments (first installment: 900 Euros, second installment: 800 Euros, third installment: 800 Euros).
An amount of 500 Euros which is part of the first installment shall be paid to guarantee the offered position and the rest of the first installment is paid upon registration in the program at the beginning of first semester.
The second and third installments are paid at the beginning of the second and third semester, respectively.

The Program, in collaboration with Eurobank, grants 3 scholarships of a total amount of €5,000, per admission series, to an equal number of students of the MSc program, who cumulatively meet the following conditions:
a) have succeeded in all first and second semester courses in the regular exam period
b) have an average score, in total in the first and second semester courses, greater than or equal to 7.5 (seven and a half) and
c) have paid all the tuition fees of the program.
The amount of the scholarship will be distributed as follows:
€2,500 to the first ranked student.
€1,600 to the second ranked student.
€900 to the third ranked student.
In the event of two or more students have the same average score or in the event that the beneficiary students are less than three, the scholarship amount will be redistributed to the beneficiary(ies) in a proportional manner.

In addition, according to law 4957/21-7-2022, students who are Greek citizens and meet specific conditions (first degree grade equal or higher than 7,5 and also specific financial criteria) are entitled to request an exemption from tuition fees.