International Business Economics

The continuously increasing and intensifying competition between businesses in the international markets, but also the employment opportunities for the most well-trained executives in today’s international labor markets, have created the need for education and training of high-quality executives in Greece with regard to the contemporary and complex issues and challenges of the globalized markets.

In today’s world, the traditional tools for studying and analyzing economic relationships are not sufficient for the education of high-ranking, internationally-competitive business executives. New and modern theoretical and practical knowledge of business strategy, as well as the acquisition of tools to carry out international financial and business activities, has now become absolutely essential.

In view of this globalized economic and business environment, the Master’s Programme with a specialization in International Business Economics builds and promotes scientific knowledge and skills relevant to the abovementioned objectives, and applies them to modern economic and business issues. It offers an in-depth examination and critical analysis of contemporary economic topics and problems related to international economics and the international economic activity of businesses in the context of today’s globalized economic environment.
The structure of the Programme is holistic, in the sense that it examines and studies the scientific synergies between economic, international financial and business activities, and their application to issues in the world economy.
Overall, the Programme creates well-educated graduates who possess the scientific, technical and administrative qualifications and the skills necessary to understand and successfully resolve the multidimensional issues in international economic relations.