Learning Outcomes

The goals of the Master’s Programme are:

⇒ To educate and prepare high-level professionals who are well-trained scientifically to be able to understand and solve multidimensional issues and problems in the modern globalized economic and business environment.

⇒ To offer students who have primarily an economics or a legal background the ability to enhance their employment opportunities and potential by acquiring the necessary scientific knowledge and technical training with regard to the contemporary international and European economic and business environment.

⇒ To provide students with comprehensive knowledge of the economic and legal factors which affect and shape the process of European integration, as well as the international economic/political/institutional environment in which the European Union operates.

⇒ To strengthen the ability of students to understand the interaction and the synergies between the international and European economic environment, national economic policies and the economic and financial operation of businesses.

⇒ To convey to students the ways in which knowledge of economics – with an emphasis on international and European economics – in combination with interdisciplinary training can be used as tools for analyzing and solving economic problems in the operation of businesses in the internationalized environment, as well as at the level of national economic planning.

⇒ To enhance and stimulate the ability of students to assume a leadership role in the operation of public and international organizations and in national and multinational corporations, as economic executives or as economic, financial or business consultants, or as specialized officers.