Professional Rehabiliation

Graduates of the MSc in International and European Economic Studies are economists with a fundamental comparative advantage with respect to other economists. This is due to the fact that, in addition to the comprehensive knowledge of economics which students acquire during their course of studies in the Programme, they have the opportunity, through a wide range of elective courses, to study topics in Law and International Political Relations.

The result of this broad scientific and interdisciplinary training is that graduates of the Programme have wide-ranging and significant opportunities for professional careers. These include jobs in the public and private sectors of the economy, positions which deal with the international and European relations of Greece with foreign countries, employment in research centers within Greece or abroad that focus on international and European economic policies, and positions in the European Commission and in International Organizations.

At the same time, through the teaching and the development of scientific research in the two specializations offered by the Programme, students in the Master’s Programme of the Department of International and European Economic Studies acquire the necessary scientific qualifications to conduct autonomous research through their training in contemporary topics of Economic Theory, in modern research and quantitative methods and techniques, and acquire the scientific background needed to continue their postgraduate studies in a doctoral programme in Greece or abroad.