«Learning Models»

«Learning Models»

Sophia Gavioti

 Konstantina Georgiou

Agiopoulos Kaptsikas

Panagiotis Kafetzopoulos

Panagiotis Kontos

Μοντέλα Μάθησης Πρόσοψη 

Description of the artwork

In the last century, the position of the student was significantly underestimated on the altar of a school that adored the adoption of a teacher-centered mentality, which increasingly made it difficult to promote a healthy and productive relationship between student and teacher. In recent decades, of course, the institution of the school has made great leaps in the opposite direction, bringing the student to the highest level of priority in the educational process.

However, this notion has not been a universal standard for the educational process, as many "teachers" still have paleolithic perceptions of the relationship that connects the roles of the teacher and his students. This description of reality is also the meaning of this work of art, which has a sense of transition from the old to the new era of education..


Μοντέλα Μάθησης Κάτοψη   

           Artistic influences

Our work combines a patchwork of different influences that all team members had. The effect on the work was exerted by all members of the group both consciously and unconsciously - that is, without realizing it. Basically, the work belongs to the art of Pop Art. The main features of Pop Art aesthetics are spontaneity, creative exaggeration, light mood, strong color contrasts and in general the rejection of the traditional.

Μοντέλα Μάθησης Πίσω Όψη


  • The base of the model is a painting canvas panel.
  • The base of the teacher-centered environment is a wooden board.
  • The surface of the desk on it is a palm bark. Chewing gum and a sheet of paper are glued to the bottom
  • The legs of the desk and the chair are mulberry branches.
  • The seat of the chair is made of thick cardboard.
  • The discarded papers on the right side of the work are made of paper, smudged with a pen.
  • On the left side of the project is placed a cotton warm fabric, fed with a cloud (for volume)  ,pinned a pin in the center to represent the pillow.
  • The laptop is made of thick cardboard.
  • The book is printed on paper stitched together.
  • Also, the plants are leaves of real plants tied with rubber.
  • All the colors in the project are watercolor and everything is glued with hot glue.