Announcement of cooperation with the scientific journal Xenophon


The Curriculum of the AUEB Teacher Education Porgram has been collaborating scientifically from the academic year 2018-2019 with the scientific journal XENOPHON,which is published by Eurasia Publications, for the publication of distinguished works of its students.XENOPHON is the first scientific journal in the field of economics in secondary education.

Why the Xenophon Journal was created

The prolonged social and economic crisis that our country is experiencing has brought to light many weaknesses and problems of the existing educational model. Dominant is the feeling that there is a large gap in economic knowledge for the majority of the population. This is substantiated by the often irrational behavior expressed by consumers, businessmen, employees and executives (in private and public organizations). At the root of the problem lies, among other things, the inadequate level of financial education provided in the Greek High School - Lyceum.

Unfortunately in our country, contrary to international trends, the economic science at the Greek school has been, and hopefully will not remain, degraded.As economists-educators, in order to tackle the above important issues, we created the Xenophon journal to highlight the sciences of Economics and Management in Greek educational community. So we wanted to honor the ancient Greek economic thought in the face of Xenophon (430-355 BC), who is considered to be the first author who wrote the first scientific papers on economic history in the world, "Economics" , "About Revenue" and "Socrates Apology". Our journal, Xenophon, aspires to become a "laboratory" for research, study, reflection and the emergence of economic thinking in secondary education, thus filling a significant gap that has been found both in our education system and in Greek society.

With honour

Aristides Notis, Economist-Educator

Editor-in-chief of the XENOPHON journal