Certification (GG 689 / Τ.Β '/ 26-03-2013) of AUEB Teacher Education Program

Certification of AUEB Teacher Education Program

We would like to inform you that the Ministerial Decision No. 39460 / C2 / 21-03-2013 was published in the Government Gazette 689/t.Β'/26-03-2013, confirming the assurance of the pedagogical and teaching competence of AUEB Teacher Education Program. It is worth noting that this program is the first and only of its kind certified undergraduate degree program in HEI in Greece.

A consequence of the certification of this Program, is obtaining a certificate of pedagogical and teaching competence, according to Law 3848/2010, for any student who has successfully attended and completed this Program. This certificate guarantees the possibility for our University graduates to participate in ASEP Teacher Competitions, as well as their employment as teachers in activities requiring pedagogical and teaching competence.