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Innovative Action "Education, Entrepreneurship and Culture": Cooperation of AOP with the association Diazoma, the magazine Xenophon and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of AOP
 Proposals for the utilization of the cultural reserve of Elefsina as the cultural capital of Europe in 2023: Actions for the academic year 2021-2022

Culture is a key priority of the Curriculum in the Sciences of Education of the AOP. In particular, the involvement of prospective teachers with ancient Greek culture has been deemed necessary due to the values ​​and messages derived from its anthropocentrism, which limits individualism and promotes harmonious cooperation and integration of man into society.
For the year 2021-2022 have been designed by Dr. V. Brinia, Scientific Officer of the Curriculum in Education and Training Sciences, a series of training activities and meetings in the framework of the innovative action "Entrepreneurship, Education and Culture" in collaboration with Diazoma association and the D HUB team, the Xenophon magazine and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of the AOP (ACEin). Diazoma is an association whose members have focused on contributing to the promotion of natural and cultural monuments and their integration into the center of life, sustainability and sustainable development. The Curriculum in the Sciences of Education of the AOP is scientifically assisting in this effort of Diazomatos.
Eleusis, which in 2023 will be the European Capital of Culture, has a significant cultural reserve. In ancient times its sanctuary was one of the most important places of worship in the ancient world. In recent years, its cultural stock includes festivals, folklore associations from all parts of Greece, citizens who are active in the artistic and creative field in general.
The educational activities that have been planned for the academic year 2021-2022 concern the work plan (project) with proposals for the utilization of the cultural reserve of Elefsina as the Capital of Culture of Europe in 2023. The Cultural Capital is an opportunity for international promotion of Greek Culture and important changes in the city of Elefsina, which can be transformed, taking advantage of the opportunities offered to it, in terms of cultural infrastructure, the operation of the city, the development of the coastal front and the development of tourism. These training activities consist of the following parts:
The first part of the educational activities related to Elefsina and the historicity of the archeological site started on Friday 21/1/2022 with the speaker Dr. Takis Mastrantonis, volunteer of the Diazoma Association and interlocutors Dr. Mary Belogianni, volunteer educator and volunteer and Ms. Georgia Manolopoulou, Philologist-Museologist, Responsible for Organizing Communication and Educational activities, Exhibitions and Cultural routes at the Archaeological Museum of Patras and at Archaeological sites of Achaia of the Ministry of Culture and Sports / Ephorate of Antiquities
The second part of the training activities related to the topics of the works that will be prepared by the students regarding Elefsina as the cultural capital of Europe in 2023, took place on Friday 11/3/2022. The students discussed the use of the ancient monuments of Elefsina with Dr. V. Brinia and Mr. G. Tziros, Economist-Educator awarded for youth entrepreneurship in Europe.
On Friday 18/03/2021, the third series of educational activities took place regarding the work of the students regarding the proposals for the utilization of the cultural reserve of Elefsina. The speakers focused on Elefsina as the cultural capital of Europe in 2023 and on the historicity of the archeological site, the current reality, the connection of the cultural reserve with the local business and the primary sector and proposals for educational actions. Specifically, the beginning was made by Dr. Mary Belogianni, volunteer and head of the Educational Programs of the association Diazoma, making a historical overview of the action of Diazoma and its educational programs. Next, the members of the D HUB team that deals with Clusters and the Destination Management and Marketing Agency (DMMO), referred to the actions of support and promotion of cultural routes. Initially, Mr. Nikos Stakias, MSc Strategic Planner in cultural, sports and educational projects, introduced the students to the terminology around agri-food

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