"Education, Entrepreneurship and Culture" 2021: A look at yesterday and today of the city of Eleusis - European Capital of Culture in 2023

"Education, Entrepreneurship and Culture" 2021: A look at yesterday and today of the city of Elefsina - European Capital of Culture in 2023

Eleusis   2021 

On Friday 22/1/2021 the first stimulus was given and the curtain was opened for the spring semester 2021 and the innovative Action "Education, Entrepreneurship and Culture" of the AUEB Teacher Education Program, in collaboration with the Diazoma association (Scientific team of the Innovative Action with members: Dr. Vasiliki Brinia-scientific director, Dr. Mary Belogianni, Mrs. Georgia Manolopoulou, Dr. Panagiotis Mastrantonis, Mr. George Tziros and the honorary member Dr. Theodoros Benos), the President of the Association of Economist Teachers of XENOFON economic educational magazine and internationally awarded economist-educator Mr. Georgios Tziros as well as the AUEB Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit.

Specifically, on Friday 22/1/2021 Dr. Panagiotis Mastrantonis, member of the scientific team of the Action and volunteer of the association "DIAZOMA", whose mission is the integration of monuments in our daily lives and their connection with sustainability and sustainable development, highlighted important aspects of the problems faced by the management of the monuments of Greece, with emphasis on the city of Eleusis through an online presentation. At the same time, the students discussed with Ms. Georgia Manolopoulou, member of the scientific team of the action, member of the Board of Directors and volunteer of the association "DIAZOMA", Head of Organizing Communication and Educational activities, Exhibitions and Cultural Routes at the Archological sites of Achaia, Ministry of Culture and Sports / Ephorate of Antiquities of Achaia.

The first of the many stimuli that will be given in the spring semester, therefore, regarding the Action "Education, Entrepreneurship and Culture" is now completed and will result in a work of the student working in groups of three that will be set up on the proposals for the utilization of the culture of Eleusis as the cultural capital of Europe in the year 2023 in the context of the Athenian Trilogy.

A new challenge starts from next March for the students of the Program in collaboration with the association "DIAZOMA" and the other bodies, who consist for another year important helpers of the students in their exciting journey to the rich culture of our country...

Eleusis  2021