Invitation to the 5th meeting of the Upper Diazoma

ανω διάζωμα

Dear Members,

We invite you to the 5th Upper Diazoma Meeting, which will take place on Sunday, October 20, 2019 at 11:00 am. at  Eco Zone of publications Corfu - ECONOMIA (Vlahava 6-8, Monastiraki).

This year, as five years have passed since the DIAZOMA Program was approved by the Ministry of Education: “Adoption of ancient theaters. Students guide students to ancient theaters", we chose to highlight students' actions and imaginative creativity.

The purpose of the 5th Upper Diazoma Meeting is to: a) present and honor the actions of primary, secondary and university students and seek ideas and suggestions for co-ordinating the program in the future, b)people to become conscious heirs and capable managers of the World Heritage and c) to encourage the development of the Upper Diazoma network through new and original collaborations.

The first section of the meeting will be educational. Through the presentation of the action “Adoption of ancient theaters. Students guide students to ancient theaters", which implemented 10 schools from different regions of Greece, we would like to inform the educational community (teachers, educational coordinators) and the public about the educational methods and tools with which today's students and tomorrow's citizens will know, become familiar with and transfer to others (students, local community, visitors) the values ​​of their country's cultural heritage.

The new educational platform «Generation D» will also be introduced, which highlights all the educational activities implemented by DIAZOMA and its participatory way of functioning.

Finally, student work titled will be presented "OUR ENTREPRENEURSHIP ELEUSIS FACTORY" which was selected as part of the educational action: "Education, Entrepreneurship and Culture" with the theme: "Proposals for the exploitation of the cultural reserve of Eleusis in the context of the Athenian trilogy". This is the result of the collaboration of the Athens University of Economics and Business with the "DIAZOMA" Association, which is completing two years this year.

The third section of the meeting, entitled 'Active Volunteering', aims to highlight the work of young people who, through their actions, their active volunteering, contribute to the protection and promotion of the cultural heritage of the place.

The event will be accompanied by the exhibition "Ancient theaters and education. Students "adopt, create, update" of students' projects (posters, printed materials, guides, board games).

The meeting is being kindly sponsored by Alpha Bank and supported by CORFU - ECONOMIA Publications, by Draculi coffee A.E. and the company VIKOS SA

 Here you can see the program in Greek