" Meteor Soul"

"Meteor Soul"

Konstantina Antonopoulou

 Ioannis Karantzias

Argyro Karahaliou

Christos Katsionis

Despoina Klokouza

Μετέωρη Ψυχή 

"So what is a student?

What aspects does his world hide?

Like everyone around us, he is a result

 of his choices, yet being often erratic

 of others's decisions.

He is called to balance on knowledge, moral values ​​and

social stimuli, ultimately trying the meteor

 his soul to find the measure between his thoughts and his actions.

How to engrave his future?

Is it as meteoric as his soul?

Even if his eyes are closed, they are turned to the light.

The balance is close. It is coming, it is approaching.

In its hands she holds tight laughter, hope."

    Μετέωρη Ψυχή


Title: Meteor Soul

Year of construction: 2020

Dimensions: Flat Cabinet - Canvas 50 * 70 cm

Materials: Painting canvas, crayons, crayons, collage materials (glue, cardboard, magazine, scissors)




"I told you I would balance

And I will find the truth

But you didn't let me live it

With points you chase me from a young age

So I went up to my old skate

I put some rock music on the headphones

And I ran to find my future

But I fell on the road

Because I didn't have a good teacher

And what I ask, what I always ask

Listen to me and watch me

Give me advice

Hold my hand

Before going out on the street alone

Help me balance

To build a bright future

Teacher, I'm talking to you

Don't kick me out of class

Give me a stimulus to watch you

Create a fruitful relationship with us

Become an experience of our soul

Let's work together to achieve the impossible

For a good one

Full of dreams life "

Despoina Klokouza, May 2020