The student-teachers’ artworks - Academic Year 2017-2018

Art and Education 2018: 

“Diversity in School: Different Aspects and Perspectives”

The main theme of the conference was “Diversity in School”. A phenomenon which our educational system faces over the last few years, which has to do with the abundance of “different” children who attend Primary and Secondary Schools. Discussion about treating “different” students within educational institutions is not a recent phenomenon. In many cases, Greek students in schools face the children that are “different” with a negative attitude. This happens because of the negative climate prevailing in the wider society and the possible attitude of their parents. As a result, “different” children are permanently marginalized and alienated. In such an environment, conflicts are often caused which can lead to violence within school.

Teachers are the ones who are called upon to prevent such episodes by cultivating mutual respect and solidarity in students. Their main task must be to increase children’s knowledge and understanding of diversity and human rights. Moreover, they have to cultivate communication and social sensitivity skills. These goals will gradually lead to a change in any possible distorted attitudes and ultimately lead to the elimination of prejudice and to action undertaken by students for peaceful cohabitation and fellowship with their classmates.

Art is an international language which can create a common ground for communication and coexistence within schools. The student-teachers, in groups of 5, with the help of basic graphic tools and other media, created their works of art, capturing the meaning of the concept of diversity in school. The aim of the workshop was to help participants use art as a language of communication and to express themselves through it.

Within the laboratory, a familiar environment was formed, so that their expressiveness would find the place to manifest itself. Within the framework of the workshops, were held discussions with experts as well as external visits to the Athens School of Fine Arts and other art venues aimed at understanding and familiarizing students with the subject of diversity in schools. The material that came up from the workshops was presented at a visual exhibition from 16/5/18 - 18/5/18 at the Foyer of the Antoniadou Amphitheater of AUEB, and the inauguration took place on the same day of the Conference on 17th May 2018.

Below are the artworks of the students.
Art exhibition curator: Tatiana May-Kallergis

“Zoological class”

Elena Nikolaidou, Nikos Chiotidis, Alexandros Apostolakis, Aikaterini Douna, Marianna Spanidi

“Alter Ego”

Elena Zafiri, Marianna Thodori, Christiana Ntoumitrake, Eleftheria Tse, Vasiliki Liakopoulou


“Nature knows no meters”

Nikos Markogiannakis, Irini Xanthioti, Petros Anastasopoulos, Niki Panagiotopoulou, Maria Mentzou

“The aspects of excellence”

Minas Alifragkis, Charalampos Vasileiou, Maria-Anna Toubanaki, Katerina Pantelopoulou, Spyros Blatsios


“We are all nuts here”

Georgia Argyraki, George Gialos, Vagia Iskaki, Zoi Plomariti, Ritsa Theodoropoulou

“Breaking the vicious circle of exclusion”

Angeliki Panagiotopoulou, George Economou, Danai Damaskou, Ioanna Chavatzoglou, Andromachi Toumanidou


“Equalizing the inequality”

Athanassia Karagianni, Polyxeni Tavernaraki, Isaac Vroulakos, Maria Michmizou, Elissavet Varvarigou

“The divergence between “being” and “ looking like”

Ariadni Labadiari, Sofia Baglatzi, Anastasia Makri, Foteini Rigkou, Anargyros Roustemis

“Borders- companions”

Christina Pagoulatou, Vasiliki Davou, Eleni Marsi, Vasiliki Xydea, Spyros Bazinas