TEPArt AUEB 2021 - Online Art Exhibition

Art and Education 2020-2021

Teacher: Facets and Perspectives:

Online Art Exhibition 

"Life, death and in between Art"

Nikos Engonopoulos, poet.

"I believe that the most magical thing about art is that it has the power to change the world, to sensitize people to be filled with positive emotions. Art shapes consciences like the teacher in the various levels of education. Over the centuries, art has enabled man to transform his everyday life into a constant search for the beautiful, the elegant, the surprise, in order to shape dreams and expectations just as the teacher does through his teaching. The innovative action "Art and Education" in collaboration with the Athens School of Fine Arts aims to develop the creativity of students / three which exists in every person and can unfold it in its own way as long as you give it the opportunity. This year's exhibition of the works of students / three on the subject of our teacher reveals for another year that art has the power to instil quality in the human soul ...

I warmly thank all those who supported the innovative action "Educating teachers through art-TERART AUEB" for the academic year 2020-2021 and specifically: Dr Irini Giannimara, teacher of ASFA Athens and Mrs Christina Panagopoulou, artist of ASFA, for their help in the creation of the artistic works of the students, as well as Mrs Tatiana May-Kallergi, for her contribution to the curation of the internet exhibition and the visual artist of ASFA Mr G. Stamatakis. I would also like to thank all the students who gave their best in the midst of the pandemic to passionately create their artworks. I wish you a good tour in this beautiful art journey of students - future teachers…"

Dr Vasiliki Brinia, Head of the Innovative Action "Educating Teachers through Art-TEPArt AUEB"

Head of the AUEB Teacher Education Program

"Another year of cooperation between the AUEB Teacher Education Program and the Athens School of Fine Arts was successfully completed in the framework of the innovative Action "Educating teachers through art-TERART AUEB."

AUEB TEP's students experienced teaching through the visual arts and how they can enhance creative, critical and dialectical thinking. They saw in practice how art directly utilizes human experience and allows the expression of emotions, increasing the brain's ability to imagine and perceive.

They artistically captured the abstract concept of the teacher and interpreted it in their own way. Through art they strengthened their skills in teamwork, empathy, communication, time management, ingenuity, problem solving and organization ... skills that compose the portrait of the inspired teacher."

Dr Irini Giannimara  (Department of Fine Arts - Teacher of the course: Art Teaching - Athens School of Fine Arts)

"The innovative action "Art and Education" has come to its 6th year, while in the last two years it has successfully adapted to adversity by transferring the lectures and the student exhibition to the web. It has been great pleasure for me to watch students embracing the program and the stimuli they receive from it every year. These stimuli come from the exhibitions and the speeches and lead to the process of production of works of art that is done in collaboration with ASFA. The conference that concludes the program each year finds the amphitheater full of students, faculty and people outside the University, which suggests the need for discussions about alternative approaches to education. In an ever-changing world, the arts at every level of education teach, among other things, adaptability and creative thinking. These values ​​are recognized worldwide as the most important virtues in the work environment, while they find application outside the professional field. Dr. Vasiliki Brinia with great love for the subject successfully coordinates the Program applying progressive methodologies in learning and teaching economics. I wish the long-term continuation and development of the Program."

Tatiana May-Kallergi, teacher & artist

Below are the covers of the artworks. Each one is unique and you can notice it by clicking on the corresponding image.

"Νo one should not know geometry"
"Thinking out of the box"
"I teach what I am for you to become what you are"
"Facets & perspectives: eyes as prismatic pursuits"
"The renowned teacher"
"The teacher"
"Open Book"
"Teacher: The support of the dreamy student!"
"The Colorful Teacher"