" The Way of a Flower "

" The Way of a Flower "

Charalampos Aravantinos-Karlatos

Panagiota Katri

Dimitra Balabani

Afrodite Stayropoulou

Stavroula Tseroni

The student's presence is in line with that of a red lily,
which wild and indomitable , without barriers and obstacles,
springs from the earth and over time ends up flowering in a sun-bathed landscape…




However, this course is anything but easy, as it takes time to evolve and at the same time strength to cope with the difficulties presented,

such as strong winds and heavy rainfall.

In the same way, the student at school, despite the problems that arise, thanks to the education he/she receives and the support from teachers and parents, becomes a complete adult ready to chart his own unique course.