Faculty and Research

For decades AUEB's faculty have been conducting rigorous theoretical and applied research that has influenced the development of knowledge in the fields of economics, management, business administration, accounting and finance, marketing and communication, informatics, statistics, international and European studies. By developing effective academic programs they have shaped generations of managers and leaders in the country, as well as internationally. With about 200 resident faculty members in the University's eight departments, and approximately 50 visiting and adjunct faculty, who publish in the top international academic journals, participate in various editorial positions, lead international conferences, advise large corporations and public organizations, AUEB creates knowledge on critical research issues, promotes good management practice, generates innovation in business, and influences leadership through its more than 25,000 alumni and more than 1,000 new graduates every year.

The Department of Accounting and Finance has now 19 faculty members who are all scientists with notable presence in the European and international scientific community, with numerable participation's in international conferences, and published research in the most respectable scientific and professional journals.