Full Time Course of 12-month duration

The Master’s Program in Financial Management is equal to seventy five (75) ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System), and includes twelve (12) courses , worth five (5) ECTS credits each, as well as the MSc thesis, worth fifteen (15) ECTS credits.

The lectures are conducted in the morning or in the afternoon.

1st Bimester Period 
Financial Management 5
Econometric Methods  5
Accounting for Corporations I 5
2nd Bimester Period 
 International Finance  5
Corporate Finance 5
Accounting for Corporations II 5
3rd Bimester Period 
Investment Management  5
Accounting Measurement of Financial Instruments  IFRS 9 5
Fundamental Analysis of Investments 5
4th Bimester Period  (students must select three courses equal to a total of 15 Credit Units)
Derivatives Markets and Valuation 5
Corporate Financing: Trends and Developments 5
Commercial and Investment Banking 5
Financial Planning 5
Fraud Examination 5
Mergers and Acquisitions 5
Taxation Issues 5
Dissertation - Summer Months
Data Collection, Analysis, Writing, and Presentation of Dissertation 15