Student life @AUEB

AUEB is conveniently located in downtown Athens, less than one kilometer from the National Museum and the central Omonia Square. The program is housed in the new Graduate School building at Evelpidon & Lefkados Street. It is located across from the Pedion Areos Park and near the Panellinion Stadium. This modern building, initiated in 1999, is well organized with amphitheaters, classrooms, computers labs, and student areas. 

The area around the University (Patission-Kypseli) is a very lively area with a public transportation network with subway, trolleys and buses that reach all of Athens and its surroundings. The area is easy to walk, with many different ethnic restaurants and neighborhoods, museums, shops, theaters and sports events. 

A number of restaurants and cafes are conveniently located in or around the University area. Students can participate in a number of athletic activities, using the facilities of the nearby Panellinion Stadium. In addition, students can participate in various cultural activities of the University, such as theatrical and musical performances, dancing, etc.