Research Labs

The Laboratory of Accounting Applications

The Laboratory of Accounting Applications develops academic thinking and research in the areas of Accounting and Accounting Information Systems. Modern software is available, such as Modern Accounting 2000, EVal, EViews, WinRats, Limdep, Gauss, and Stata, and access provided to several databases such as DataStream, Thomson Reuters Eikon,  ICAP Data, Perfect Analysis, International Accounting Standards, and the Stock Exchange Database from the Athens Stock Exchange.

​Furthermore, the Ac-counting Laboratory has developed a series of integrated information systems which support accounting processes for a number of private and public institutions (3rd floor, Antoniadou wing, Patission building

The Laboratory for Applied Finance

The aim of the Laboratory of Applied Finance is to develop advanced – theoretical and applied – research in finance and to employ this research not only in teaching but also in the process of problem solving for companies and organizations in the modern economic environment.

​The Laboratory offers twenty four (24) work stations and is equipped with specialized computer software and databases, such as: Eviews, SPSS, WinRATS, Matlab, OxMetrics, Limdep, Stata SE, Pertrac Analytical Platform, Perfect Analysis and DataStream Advance, Thomson Reuters Eikon, Bloomberg, Clarkson, Lloyds List.

Several educational seminars on the usage of databases and software are organized in the laboratory’s premises. (1st floor, postgraduate studies building, room 108,

The Behavioral Finance Laboratory (BeFin Lab)

​The Behavioral Finance Laboratory (BeFin Lab) has been founded in order to support the research and teaching needs of the Department of Accounting & Finance at AUEB, with a focus on issues related to Behavioral Finance.

​More specifically, the research focus of the Lab will be on issues such as Prospect Theory & Rationality, Investor Psychology, Heuristics, Investor Sentiment, Herd Behavior, Investor Overreaction, Investor Underreaction, Contrarian and Momentum Strategies, Monetary Policy and Economic Expectations.

Furthermore, the Lab aims to encourage scientific collaboration with international research centers and academic institutions, to organize scientific lectures, seminars, symposia, and conferences, to invite quest speakers for open lectures, and encourage its members to publish high quality research papers that contribute to the scientific literature in the field of behavioral finance.

​The Lab is also able to provide services related to research projects.(Room 207, Troias 2 building,

The Business Analysis and Valuation Laboratory  

Room 206, Troias 2 building

The Laboratory for International Shipping, Finance and Management (ISFM Lab)  

The Laboratory for International Shipping, Finance and Management of the Athens University of Economics and Business (ISFM Lab) is a world-class research laboratory, dedicated to performing theoretical and applied research in the key areas of shipping, finance and management. (Room 207, Troias 2 building,