International Students

Upon arrival in Greece all international students have to go through the following steps:

Register at the University

Apply for a residence permit. The following documentation is necessary
  1. Two photocopies of the passport (showing the first page as well as the page with the stamped visa).
  2. Two colored passport size photos.
  3. Two copies of a confirmation letter that the student is registered at AUEB (provided by  the Secretariat of the program, in Greek).
  4. Two copies of a document that proves the student has sufficient funds to cover his/her expenses while studying in Athens (e.g. bank account statement or a letter from the University for Scholarship Holders).
  5. Two copies of a health certificate from a Greek Public Hospital stating that the student does not suffer from any contagious decease (the University will arrange an appointment).

Apply to DOATAP (Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) for recognition and validation of Bachelor's degree. Documents required for degree recognition

International Students who do not have a VAT ID must be identified by DOATAP in order to be able to use the e-doatap platform ( . Thus, he/she is required to submit to the Agency the following:

  1. Valid Passport or Resident permit 
  2. Application for Registration on the e-doatap platform (application form)
  3. Required documents for the BSc / MSc recognition 

When the authentication process is successfully completed, the applicant will receive access to the e-doatap platform electronically.

For your convenience, see the link ( in order to see, if your University is already included in the institutions that are recognized by DOATAP. 

In the case where foreign citizens leave abroad, they should go to a Greek Embassy with their identity or passport and request for passport identification codes and authenticity of their signature. The citizen then sends the application with the identification codes and authenticity of their signature and a copy of the displayed document (ID or passport), electronically to with notification at