Aggeliki Kanataki

The Teacher Education Program of AUEB is a source of inspiration for me. What touched me the most and inspired my subsequent course, both in my pedagogical development and in my life in general, was the connection of Art with education. I learned that there is no one way to teach someone. I learned that if we believe in the potential of a student, he becomes more confident and better! I deeply understood the value of experiential learning as well as the value of the collaborative classroom. The courses of the Program have an experiential and human-centered approach and are the necessary tools of every future teacher. The professors of the Program have knowledge, which they utilize and transmit to the maximum extent, making the lessons particularly interesting. Also, the invited speakers are a source of knowledge and inspiration as each one specializes in a different subject from the other and thus the learning achieved is special!
The Teacher Education Program of AUEB  is a unique experience for me and I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to attend it!

Angeliki Kanataki, graduate of the Department of Organization and Business Administration of the Athens University of Economics and Business and a graduate of the Teacher Education Program of AUEB.