Anastasios Oikonomou

Graduate of the Department of Informatics, AUEB , Graduate of Teacher Education Program, Postgraduate Student, Msc in Information Systems Security, AUEB

In Oscar Wilde's book, "The Portrait of Dorian Gray", there is an extract saying: "There is something terribly magical about influencing someone else. There is no act that compares to it. To project your soul in a cute form, to leave it there for a while, to listen to your thoughts return like an echo with all the music of passion and youth, to transfer your temperament to someone else as if some delicate fluid or a strange aroma, there is great joy in all of this - perhaps the only joy left to offer us so much satisfaction….." . Reading these words I quickly realized that after the people in our family environment, the next person who had the opportunity to strongly influence us was the teacher we all had and wanted to be like.So I can only consider myself grateful that I chose the AUEB Teacher Education Program which gave me the opportunity through groundbreaking and substantial education to be able to exert this kind of influence on my future students. To watch myself filtered through the perspective of adolescence and to experience more strongly than ever the feeling of satisfaction and the "Good Struggle".