Belavgeni Ourania

“The Teacher Education Program  is, for me, an innovative and extremely necessary choice for every student who is interested in education and is studying at the Athens University of Economics and Business. Personally, through my experiential experience throughout the year, I developed many parts of myself: emotionally, socially and cognitively! These three words characterized the purpose of the program and the influence they had on my personality. New student-centered teaching methods and innovative teaching approaches as well as personal development and self-criticism are the main experiences that I will keep from this excellent Program. The imprint, the experience, that the Program has left in me, is much more powerful, than any words I could use to express my experience of what I experienced exceptionally during the past year. This choice of mine was worth a lot!

For the future education, the one for which we want to envision that there will be education for the students in our schools, pedagogical love is needed and the Program has given to me! "

Graduate of the Department of Marketing & Communication AUEB - Teacher, Graduate of the Teacher Education Program