Zenovia Memma

"The Teacher Education Program that I chose to participate in is like a dive into the sea of ​​the heart. It focuses on quality, action and not passivity, the architect of the future who is the student, the imagination generated by art, experiential teaching with a variety of stimuli and exposure to modern educational techniques aimed at transforming the frame of reference. Through the Program, the culture is cultivated that education is the main weapon in your quiver, which helps you to achieve personal spirit building, discipline, ability to filter what is offered to you. With a lot of stimuli, close contact with your emotional world begins. Education within the Program functions as the passage from darkness to light and from the veil of falsehood to the revelation of personal truth. It is the moment when the mental and psychosocial leap to inner freedom takes place. A good teacher is first and foremost a good person. A man's choices and character are his destiny. This choice I felt justified me. The route is worth it, dare it!"

Graduate of the Department of International and European Economic Studies AUEB, Graduate of Teacher Education Program.