The Master’s dissertation is mandatory for students in the full-time programme and is prepared during their 3rd semester, while for students in the part-time programme, it is not mandatory and, if they choose to do it, is prepared in their 4th semester.

Students in the part-time programme are given the option of attending and taking exams in three courses equal to 10 ECTS credits each, instead of writing a dissertation. The three courses are:

  1. Special Topics in Finance
  2. Special Topics in Banking
  3. Information Systems and Management Strategies in Finance

Issues related to the writing of the dissertation (such as completion date, language, font, instructions for the summary, content, structure and presentation of the work, preparation of the bibliography, and so forth) are explained in the Guidelines for Preparation of the Master’s Dissertation, which is issued by decision of the Special Interdepartmental Committee.

The evaluation of the Master’s dissertation is based on strict scientific criteria with regard to its originality, depth and analysis, composition and quality. If the student does not receive a passing grade on the dissertation, the student can be re-examined one additional time, not earlier than three months nor later than six months after the original examination. If the student does not receive a passing grade on the dissertation from the second examination, the student is required to leave the Programme, upon decision of the Programme’s Special Interdepartmental Committee.