The Interdepartmental Master’s Programme entitled “Finance and Banking” has been offered since 1998 by the School of Economic Sciences of Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), with the option of either full-time or part-time studies.

Offered by Greece's most distinguished School of Economics, with 48 members of teaching and research staff, including former finance ministers, presidents and vice-presidents of Greek and European banks and research organizations, thus researchers with significant distinctions.

PROGRAM: Our rich teaching program is framed by non-mandatory seminars at no extra cost (e.g. in Python, SQL, R, Stata, Bloomberg and Datastream) and conferences with distinguished speakers from Greece and abroad, such as the Fintech conference. The curriculum offers a core core of courses but is also flexible thanks to the wide variety of electives and thesis topics we can offer. Preparatory courses are also offered to help students who have a weaker background in mathematics and statistics. Finally, many courses also help us prepare for certification exams relevant to the positions in which executives can work, such as the CFA and Securities and Exchange Commission certifications.

MARKET RELATIONS: Courses, lectures, seminars and speeches by distinguished high-ranking executives of the Greek and international Financial and Banking sector.

PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING: Through the Alumni Association which has almost 1000 members, as well as thanks to our systematic and growing presence on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram).

INFRASTRUCTURE: Our student-exclusive infrastructure includes the Educational Laboratory of School of Economics-EconLAb which it is eqquiped with 19 PCs, Bloomberg and Reuters terminals, software such as R,SQL, GAMS, Matlab and Stata among others, as well as financial databases developed by the faculty . In addition, students have access to the infrastructure and facilities of the School of Economics and the Athens University of Economics and Business.

EXPERIENCE: We have been constantly improving since 1998 as one of the first Greek master's programs in the wider field of Finance and also as one of the first part-time master's degrees.

SCHOLARSHIPS AND RECOGNITION: In 2019, IKY awarded scholarships with a parallel internship at the National Bank to all Finance and Banking students who had submitted an application (30% of all our students). CFA certifies our program and gives two partial tuition waiver scholarships per year to our students to sit for CFA Level 1,2,3 exams. In addition, excellence scholarships are given, as well as a series of financing provided by law (Vocational Training Program and tuition fee exemption N4485/2017).


The Interdepartmental MSc Programme in Finance and Banking aims at deepening the scientific knowledge and technical training of its students in the fields of Finance and Banking. The Programme specializes in these two areas of economics and focuses on them as follows:

a) In the field of Finance, the objective of the Programme is the specialization and training of students in  the areas of valuation of securities, financial risks, optimal portfolio management, big data management in finance, forecasting, dividend policy and optimal financial structure of businesses, asymmetric information, regulation and efficiency of financial markets.

b) In the field of Banking, the Programme aims at the analysis and quantification of the risks of credit institutions, their credit policy and portfolio management, their regulatory framework at the European and international levels, the monetary policy and operation of central banks, as well as macroprudential policy for risks associated with extreme events.

c) In both of the above fields, the Programme provides all of the knowledge and techniques necessary to fully train the students.

Our goal is the scientific education, specialization and professional training of postgraduate students, business executives and organizations to meet the needs of the private and public sector, as well as the provision of specialized knowledge and the development of technical skills to scientists who will either continue their studies at doctoral level or they will be active in the field of financial and banking institutions and other businesses in the field.


We are looking for candidates with ambition and dynamism who want to develop their technical skills and leadership abilities to the fullest.

We accept students with a first degree in any subject as long as they have a basic knowledge of mathematics and statistics. We encourage applications to the part-time program from those working in banking and the wider financial industry. We encourage applications to the part-time program from those working in banking and the wider financial industry.

We encourage applications from students with polytechnic studies or studies in the sciences, and we offer optional courses for those who want a particularly positive direction in the approach to Finance (e.g. electives such as Big Data, days on topics such as Fintech).


For more information, contact us at 210 8203689,

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