The Interdepartmental MSc Programme in Finance and Banking aims at deepening the scientific knowledge and technical training of its students in the fields of Finance and Banking. The Programme specializes in these two areas of economics and focuses on them as follows:

a) In the field of Finance, the objective of the Programme is the specialization and training of students in  the areas of valuation of securities, financial risks, optimal portfolio management, big data management in finance, forecasting, dividend policy and optimal financial structure of businesses, asymmetric information, regulation and efficiency of financial markets.

b) In the field of Banking, the Programme aims at the analysis and quantification of the risks of credit institutions, their credit policy and portfolio management, their regulatory framework at the European and international levels, the monetary policy and operation of central banks, as well as macroprudential policy for risks associated with extreme events.

c) In both of the above fields, the Programme provides all of the knowledge and techniques necessary to fully train the students.

Our goal is the scientific education, specialization and professional training of postgraduate students, business executives and organizations to meet the needs of the private and public sector, as well as the provision of specialized knowledge and the development of technical skills to scientists who will either continue their studies at doctoral level or they will be active in the field of financial and banking institutions and other businesses in the field.