Awards of Excellence

The program awards cash prizes to outstanding students upon graduation. A condition for the these awards is  students to have passed all the courses in the regular examination.

Collaboration with Eurobank

The program, in collaboration with Eurobank, grants 1 scholarship of a total amount of €5,000, per admission series, to the student of the full time MSc program, who completed the above program with the highest score. Additional conditions for the awarding of the Scholarship are that the student: a) has succeeded in all the courses of the program in the regular exam period and b) has submitted the thesis within the deadlines as determined by the Study Regulations and the Writing Guide thesis of the program.

In addition, Eurobank covers half of the tuition fees for its employees who have been accepted into the part-time MSc program

 Funding - Professional Training Program for LAEK Employees 0.24% of OAED

The students of the program can finance their studies - part of it or in full - also through the LAEK 0.24 program of the OAED. The OAED provides, through the LAEK 0.24% resource, to every company in the Private and Public Sector, the possibility of subsidizing the training of its staff, and in return the cost of the training is reimbursed.

Law 4957/21-7-2022

In addition, according to law no. 4957/2022, students who are Greek citizens and meet specific conditions (first degree grade equal or higher than 7,5 and also specific financial criteria) are entitled to request an exemption from tuition fees

CFA Program Awareness Scholarships

The Interdepartmental Master’s Programme is eligible to award up to 4 scholarships per academic year within the framework of the CFA Program Awareness Scholarships, to students who wish to take the exam to earn professional certification from the CFA. Scholarships take the form of partial exemption from the examination fees for certification.

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