Regarding job prospects, flexibility and the possibility of specialization characterize the program which has been running continuously for twenty-four years, lists more than 1,100 graduates who are in demand on the labor market and follow distinguished careers in the private and public sectors, in organizations and public entities dealing with the economy, the financial and banking industry, inside and outside Greece. They have developed important technical, cognitive and management-administrative skills which contribute positively to key activities of the financial sector of the Greek economy.

  The students of the program are trained to assume leadership roles either as financial executives of national and multinational companies, or as bank executives, or as economic and business consultants, or as specialized officers and executives of public and international organizations and businesses.

Additionally, the graduate program has been recognized by the International Body of Chartered Financial Analysts (known as CFA – Chartered Financial Analysts) and has joined the CFA University Affiliated Program. Through this recognition, the CFA® International organization certifies that the postgraduate course offers a curriculum that is aligned with the institute's requirements for obtaining the internationally recognized professional title awarded by the CFA® Institute. The professional title awarded by the CFA® Institute has been recognized by the Capital Market Commission and the Athens Stock Exchange and gives its holders an exemption from certain categories of exams held in our country. Thus, students, in addition to thorough academic training in the subjects covered the curriculum, they are also preparing for the acquisition of a highly prestigious professional certification.

  It is also noted that many of the students of the full-time department find work before completing their studies.

The Internship is not a prerequisite for the completion of studies and is not mandatory. Students of the program can do an internship at an institution/company of their choice as long as their studies are not hindered.

Finally, graduates can continue their studies at doctoral level. The solid knowledge of the program's graduates, in a wide range of theoretical and quantitative tools, allows them to be admitted to top degree programs both in Greece and internationally.